Animatronic Yoda 2.0: Eyes, part two

I made some good progress last night re-engineering the eyes.  As you may remember from the previous post, the servos were getting in the way, so I needed to move them.  Well, success!


The one on the left is the original, with the servo directly under the eye.  The one on the right is the new one, with the servo moved back, and a linkage to rotate the eye.


The above picture should demonstrate how much extra clearance below the eye I was able to get by moving the servo.  I’m very happy with how that worked.


So I went and did the other side too.  It was working great, giving much better range of motion once the mask is on.  And then…


The rod that was actuating the eyes up and down (as can be seen running vertically two photos above) snapped, due to fatigue.  So I ended up having to redesign that part too.  I got it done last night, but didn’t take any photos of it when I was finished, so I’ll post that once I take photos.

So far, great success with the eyes.

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