Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012 on the past weekend was quite the experience.  As my first time exhibiting any of my work, it was incredibly positive to see the reception it received from the attendees.  Yoda was definitely a hit with the younger crowd, with the older crowd tending to make a beeline straight for the gin lamp.

I had quite a few friends helping me at my table, so I was able to take some time to wander around, but I still missed quite a bit.  However, I was lucky enough to have Solarbotics just across the aisle from me, so I was able to chat with Jeremy there about their work with low power ATtiny chips, and share some of my experiences with low power, and estimating battery life.  They have a neat little product, the firefly, that I’m kicking myself for not getting one of when they were there.  It would seem that with the addition of a piezo and changing the firmware, it would function quite nicely as an annoyer, just like my AnnoyATtiny85 kit.  Pretty slick.

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