Project idea: Doomagotchi

This just randomly popped into my head today, when I saw a co-worker’s JIRA avatar was the”doom guy”.  It’s not particularly well thought out, being the result of about 2 minute’s thought.



  • Small OLED LCD display
  • Speaker
  • Batteries
  • 2 buttons
  • Microcontroller


  • OLED shows “doom guy” face
  • Tracks “health”, and shows correct face for health
  • Health drops slowly over time
  • Pressing one button will shoot doom guy, showing “pain” face, and decreasing health
  • Pressing other button will deliver health pack, increasing health
  • Correct sounds are played when doom guy is injured, or healed.

More ideas:

  • Maybe the midis from the game could be played sometimes too.
  • Doom guy could find health on his own, so long as the overall health trend was downwards
  • Whenever he finds health, play a sound
  • When his health is getting low, play a pain sound of some sort every now and then
  • Monsters could randomly appear on the screen, with a sound played (alternate showing the monster and doom guy, every second or so)
  • Doom guy will kill monsters on his own, but will take damage to health
  • Pressing “shoot” button will shoot whatever is on screen.  If it’s the monster will shoot monster, helping doom guy.  If it’s doom guy, will shoot doom guy.
  • Pressing “heal” button will do the same, healing whatever is on screen.