AnnoyATtiny85 Kit

(See kit page for more details, including assembly instructions.)

Update: Solarbotics has tweaked the code for this to work on their Firefly, by adding a piezo buzzer in place of an LED.  Very slick!  Modified code is available on their website.

The AnnoyATtiny85 is a timed noisemaker built around an ATtiny85 microcontroller. Every 5 to 8 minutes, it will make 1 of 6 annoying noises. It’s very small (not much larger than 4 “toonies” stacked on top of each other) so it can be hidden in hard to find places. It comes with a small rare-earth magnet that can be used to hang it from metal things, like pipes or desk drawers. A small piece of double sided foam tape (not included) can be used to hang it from anything else.

With a single CR2032 battery, it should last up to eight months before getting noticably quieter (when beeping every 5-8 minutes).

Hidden in an office, it has been known to cause people to:

  • Complain to anyone who will listen about noises in their office.
  • Have computer power supplies replaced.
  • Sit with the lights off all day because “the ballasts are making noise.”
  • Sit under their desk trying to find the noise.
  • Climb ladders all around the office checking light fixtures.

I would recommend only using it on people who can take a joke.

It can be configured, without any programming, to wait any number of days before starting beeping, and to start less often, and ramp up the frequency of the beeping. Configuring it is a simple matter of shorting two pins together with any conductive object. Keys and cutlery work great.

While the ATtiny85 microcontroller in the kit is pre-programmed, it can be reprogrammed using the Arduino IDE. An AVR programmer is needed for this, though an Arduino Uno or Duemilanove can easily be adapted to this purpose.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a kit.

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